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Models and Performance Data

Model AA-82 is a 82″ floor cabinet with heat.  AA-82 PDF

Model AA-96 is a 96″ floor cabinet with heat.  AA-96 PDF

Model AA-96HAC is a 96″ floor cabinet with heat and air conditioning. AA-96HAC PDF

Model AA-CLG-HAC is a ceiling mounted unit with heat and air conditioning. AA-CLG-HAC PDF

Model AA-32VRT-HAC is a 32″ vertical unit with heat and chilled water. AA-32VRT-HAC PDF

Model AA-38VRT is a 38″ vertical unit with heat and optional in duct “A” coil for AC by others. AA-38VRT PDF

See a 3D modeling of our Vertical Unit.

Installation Requirements

The Aristotle-Air unit design was based on the existing footprint of traditional horizontal console units commonly found in schools. Sometimes minor adjustments need to be made, but in most cases the Aristotle-Air unit is a direct replacement for existing units. Trim packages are available if wall openings are not exactly the same size, keeping replacement costs at a minimum.

If an entire school is to be retrofitted at one time, a major consideration is boiler size. With Aristotle-Air units much smaller high-efficiency boilers can replace older oversize boilers, impacting energy usage dramatically. We have seen fuel costs reduced by as much as 40% in situations where the boiler was replaced along with Aristotle-Air wall units in every room. In a typical school, this equates to energy savings of thousands of dollars annually.

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Aristotle-Air System Maintenance

When Healthy Energy Resources re-engineered the classroom ventilator, another factor became obvious, and very important. Existing traditional units are difficult to maintain and some even require substantial dis-assembly to simply replace the air filters. We decided that schools did not need the additional cost burden of hard to maintain heating units so Aristotle-Air units do not require a service contract or specially trained technicians.

Aristotle-Air uses a standard size furnace air filter (MERV 8) that can be replaced without having to open the unit. We recommend this filter be changed three times during the school year. The internal heat exchanger has two filters that are cleaned by washing in water. The filters are easily accessible when the front cover is removed. It is recommended these two filters and the panels in the heat exchanger be cleaned once a year.

It is also recommended that the UV lamp in the UVGI unit be replaced every two years. The UVGI unit is easily removed with four Phillips head screws when the front cover is removed. After the lamp housing is removed from the mounting plate, the bulb can be removed and replaced with a new bulb.

The Aristotle-Air unit itself is made almost entirely from stainless steel so it is strong, lustrous, and virtually maintenance-free. It can be cleaned with the commercially available stainless steel cleaners found in grocery and hardware stores.


All Aristotle-Air units come with a Three (3) Year Parts Warranty.