From the EPA: Health and Achievement

Why is indoor air quality an important component of a healthy school environment?

Good indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools is a critical component of a healthy and comfortable learning environment. IAQ affects the health, productivity, performance, and comfort of students, teachers and staff.

When there is poor IAQ in a school building, students and staff may suffer fromcommon symptoms of respiratory infections and allergic or other adverse health reactions. Leaky roofs; problems with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; insufficient cleaning or excessive use of toxic cleaning chemicals; and other environmental issues can lead to poor IAQ and trigger health problems likeasthma and allergies. Therefore, addressing environmental health risks comprehensively in schools includes managing asthma, which affects 7 million children nationwide.

Student performance and teacher and staff productivity can be improved by managing the environmental quality of school facilities. The IAQ Tools for SchoolsFramework for Effective School IAQ Management and Action Kit offer comprehensive guidance for districts just beginning to address IAQ or those already working on IAQ management.

Good IAQ improves a student’s:

Good IAQ helps schools create an environment in which they can meet their core mission — educating children.