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Providing the Optimum Learning Environment

Everyone agrees we all want to have the best and brightest students in the world. They are the key to a better future for all people, worldwide. At Healthy Energy Resources we believe we can be closer to achieving this goal by providing the very best possible learning environment in our schools. But if our classrooms are in buildings where kids are subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the day, a constant bombardment of airborne illnesses, and high levels of carbon dioxide, we are moving in the wrong direction– and away from our goal.

Healthy Energy Resources wants our students to excel. We also want our schools to be energy efficient, so more resources can be spent on technology and educators, and less spent on facility consumption and maintenance. The idea behind the invention of the Aristotle Air Unit Ventilator is one that can fulfill our dream: the idea that every child has access to the very best education we can provide, in the very best environment we can create, to help those children fulfill their dreams.